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SINGLE source~~ is a firm, to provide compact logistic and technical support for event… We are one of them in Bangladesh, who’s providing the best and unique event logistic support for— Open Air Mega Concerts, Grand Indoor Concerts,, International/National shows, Fashion Shows,,, Glamorous International/National Award shows,,, Corporate Product Lunching/Seminars and Family Get Together Party ( Weeding ceremony, Anniversary, Birthday) and many more… With that we have expertise of doing fixed installation regarding Sound, light, led screen, online surveillance system and other technical support as par concern.We are Highly Concern and dedicated for our clients…and we are maintain our reputation and also eager to Appreciate of your creative Advises or suggestions….  We are ready to geour response so CONTACT with us-

SINGLEsource; a firm of unique product and technical solutions of events. Though SINGLEsource which formed in October 2017 but behind that, it is caring a broad story. We (the owners) have started to expose our passion in music around 12 years before. By doing that when we felt the necessity of proper sound and light in live shows; then started to expand our own thoughts as well as practical execution in this field. History of 12 years ago; when we were musicians, the situation in this tread of logistics was so poor. Then (in 2005) we had formed a company of stage lights. On that moment we were one of those few who contributed to established advance digitalized Lighting. Beside that, we also did lots of unique works on fixed installation on various places, recording studio, TV Station, Sound and Light. We were also involved with lots of live shows. That was the starting of a long journey on live sound and light as well as event execution and tried to established ourselves as a professional. After such a long period of practical execution, we felt that something different needs to be done. Then 2017 we have purchased GLASS STAGE and TRUSS SETUP and by doing that we have formed our own company named SINGLEsource, which is a sign of endless struggles and broad thoughts. Depending on that, we are always trying to provide unique solutions and caring to execute clients dream in to reality. 

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GLASS STAGE; an unique pride for our company is the only one in Bangladesh. You can use it in anywhere indoor and outdoor venues for various shows. The height of the stage is adjustable form 1.5 feet to 5feet tentative. It is a 4/4 feet glass platform. So dimension of the stage will be done as per concern. It is a 17mm tempered glass with aluminum frame so there is no possibility for break down. Contact with us for further discussions.

You can use the aluminium Truss for your indoor or outdoor program to make more attractive.This is being used a lot for concerts as well as modern weddings events for hanging lights and flower decoration.It can be adjustable as per demand. Contact with us for further discussions.

You can use these Tent & Pagoda for your outdoor program in In the winter and in the rain.These are being used a lot for corporate social events and wedding decoration. those can be adjustable as per demand. Contact with us for further discussions.

Here is the list of our product & Supports for our Beloved Client —
We are Highly Concern and dedicated for our clients…and we maintain our reputation and also eager to Appreciate of your creative Advice or suggestions ….

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1. Truss
2. Tent & Pagoda for Fair
3. intelligent Lights
4. Glass stage
5. Sounds
6. LED Screens
7. fastun and banner
8. Wood Stage
9. Smart Portable stall
10. Photography and cinematography
11. Live telecast
12. Video Projection
13. 3D video mapping
14. 3D animation Laser Lights Show
15. Heavy Duty Gen Set
16. All kinds of Fireworks..
17. Different Glass chair’
18. Divan and chairs
19. interactive flower
20. Gorgeous Flower Decoration
21. Venue Designing By Tissue and Cloths
22. Fine Arts Decoration
23. Experienced Anchor’s ( Male/female )
24. Volunteers ( Male/female)
25. Foreign And Traditional Foods
26. Band and Solo Artists,,Musicians,,DJ (Male/Female) Actors/Actress,,Models,,Magicians…
27. Grand Piano and Upright Piano
28. Venue or Studio booking
29. Fixed or Temporary Basis Audio and video studio installation
30. Interior Lights & Sound Designing For Five Star Restaurant,,Resorts,,Luxurious Home and Public spaces…..

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